Blog Award

Looky what I got :) What a nice end to a hectic week! My blog is meant to mostly be a uni journal for reflection to do with my course and production practice... but its kinda warped into a big whole mix of everything. Life, friends, fashion, art, beauty, random rants. But I kinda like it that way. It feels like its naturally evolved into something I never thought it would be, and I'm proud of my 31 followers because I didnt really expect anyone to be reading and commenting on what I've been writing in the first place :) It would be good to hear anyones feedback on wether y'all think I should have a separate blog for uni stuff, or if it fits in along with everything else I write about too.

Thanks to Phoebe at Peluxe for tagging me for this blog award. I now need to nominate my 15 fave blogs at the moment, so here goes for the newbies that are a must read at the moment :) Check them out!

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I have just realised what celeb my new haircut resembles... Frankie from the Saturdays! So much for letting it grow. I am ridiculously impatient.


  1. thanks babe i will post it now!

  2. Thank you very very much! X

  3. I like the one blog with a compilation of everything thats on your mind. Plus I would think 2 blogs would be more difficult to keep track of for you...but who knows. Up to you, I'll still read.