Super haul!

What a bargainous (is that even a word? It feels right!) shopping trip I had the other day! Jeez-oh. I actually didnt spend that much considering how much stuff I came home with. I felt like I needed a little spree before starting back uni and the - groan - the 'saving' begins. I'm gonna be a good girl this year, work as much as I can in the cafe bar without destroying my social life and time with david, or interfering with academic matters (haa ha) And I also plan to spend less, or be less frivolous with my spending patterns, as one would say! So hopefully by next summer after my 21st birthday in june, my travelling funds = muchos! But anyhoo, onto the haul...

From left to right - Jeggings (cant believe I finally gave in to getting a pair, aaah!) £6 from Ethel Austin. Blazer £19 from Primark. Striped Cardi £13 from Primark. Grey Cardi £6 from Ethel Austin again. I never ever shop there normally, but when I swung past with my Gran and Papa and wee Tyler then saw these at such a good price, I thought it would be worthwhile grabbing a bargain or two!

Clockwise from top - Roxy bag £9.99 from Tx Maxx. The Time Travellers Wife £4 from Hmv. Chelsea Girl teddy hat £12.99 from River Island (it is too cute on by the way) and A box set of 9 Magical Musical dvds including the Wizard of Oz and Singing In The Rain to name a few! For £25 from Hmv again.

Now, this is the shocker. We went to the Matalan clearance store - which I had been to before but obviously caught it on a bad day and it was rubbish. But this time I was very pleased with what I saw! Some of the stuff was crap, but some of it was very very good, as you can see from the three skirts and the dress pictured above! Not bad eh? This place was full of bargains as you would expect from a clearance store, but I was completely shocked when I got to the checkout and my bill was only £8!!! For all this stuff!? Itemised it was £2 per item, which I didn't even realise when I picked them up and tried them on. I knew it would be cheap, but not that cheap. So as you can imagine I left the shop with a smile on my face and a wee spring in my step haha :) Sad that a girl would get this excited over a few bargains eh. But I tell you what, I'm gonna grudge paying the norm for your average skirt or dress from the likes of H&M, Topshop, River Island etc from now on! So I'll defo be giving this place a visit again, and maybe exploring charity shops and vintage stores a wee bit more now. Such a great feeling finding a wee hidden gem or a great bargain on a spontaneous shopping trip, Im sure most girls would agree :)

Back to brown

Well, when I say back to brown, I really mean that I am already kinda brown... but this is me banishing my sun soaked natural locks for something a bit darker for winter! And my blonde flash lightened a wee bit too. My mums new salon has just opened in Glasgow city centre, around the corner from the old one, and it is absolutely huge. They have so much space, it has a great atmosphere to it and I'm very proud of my mummy :) They open to the public tomorow and the official launch night is next week, so I'll be sure to go along and get some good photographs of the new Girlz Night salon. Good times :)

I quite liked my outfit this day! Leggings from topshop, skirt from topshop, top from topshop and cardi from Fearn Cottons range at new look. (Ps, I'm actually not a complete topshop whore!)

This is the night me, Jenn and Cyrus went to Nanakusa for dinner. It was awesome! Im normally a devoted wagamama girl but in the last wee while I've been reaching out! Haha to a few other Japanese restaurants in and around Glasgow, and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Plum wine is good :)

Me and my favourite girlie, Jenn.

And the most long awaited little parcel of all summer! This is one of my closest friends Gemma with her new baby boy, blair :) Mummy and daddy and baby are doing well, she is coping with motherhood fantastically and I'm so bloody proud of her. As for Blair, well he is a special little chap :) Gemma and Chris's life has changed forever, but they are the happiest couple I have ever seen and I'm so happy for them too.

Bit of a random post! I just wanted to get some pics up that I had been meaning to share for a couple weeks now. Back to uni yesterday, and it was straight into the deep end as usual! Im the head scenic artist for our panto this year, Sleeping Beauty. So I've got a busy term ahead of me between budgeting, ordering supplies and all the materials we need, running the workshop, scheduling the work flow and my team of scenic artists! Its gonna be a challenge and a half but I plan to KICK ASS! :)


Have you ever heard of the photographer Rankin? John Rankin Waddell was actually born in Paisley, the town just next to mine, and he is now a very well known portrait and fashion photographer. He has taken photos of the likes of Britney Spears, Kate Moss, The Rolling Stones, The Olsen Twins, Madonna... I could go on and on! Well, one of my best friends - Katrina - entered into a competition where he was offering to photograph normal members of the public to be displayed in an exhibition of his in London. She was contacted by his 'people' last year, and she went down and spent half an hour in a studio with him being photographed by this legend. I stumbled across the pictures just there on my laptop and I had completely forgotten about them. But I think you will agree they are quite stunning :) so proud of her! I'm sure that will be an experience she will never forget. Lucky wee madam!

The view from our last summer

Well, looks like thats it, kids. Although our spirits havent totally sunken, I think the rain (in Scotland anyways) is a sure sign that summer is getting drowned out! I tend to cling onto it for dear life. Not wanting to start back uni or college, and not wanting to replace my peep toe shoes with those loyal uggs :( Damn it. But when I come to think of it, I actually am kinda excited about my winter wardrobe, and giving my pink flamingo umbrella some action, and dressing up for halloween, and the run up to good ol' christmas. But thats me looking way ahead obviously. (If I hear another tv/radio advert mentioning 'get yours in time for christmas!' then I think I will scream) Here are my holiday pictures from mine and Davids two week getaway to my auntys house in Alvor, Portugal. We were a bit snap happy - over 200 pics on my digital camera and a full spool of film on my fisheye. So here are a few of the best ones :) Enjoy!

Our first day on the beach - my new raybans and a lovely tesco bikini! (which broke after 4 days by the way! gutted)

We took a picture every night before we went out, using the self timer on my camera. What a hoot! Pulled some ridiculous poses. This is us on our first night.

Drawing in the sand :) Princess Peach and Rupert Bear, auw!

This is the main strip. It wasnt tacky or too touristy, we felt safe and comfortable, unlike some places I've been on holiday!

This is at the bottom of the main strip, loads of restaurants that cooked all their fish dishes on bbq's outside for everyone to see. Looked awesome, but was always really smokey!

Just going for a wee wander after our dinner :)

This is the beach on a saturday, ridiculously busy! We went most other days too and it was a tad quiter. Full of local people, and a little man who ran up and down the beach selling the best donuts for a euro :)

This is the night we went through to Pria De Rocha, it was much busier and full of neon flashing lights and street stalls. Just a general busy hustle and bustle! Think we prefered the calmer streets of Alvor however.

Man gutting his fish from that days catch. They are fish crazy over there, its the priority industry and their harbour is full of so many fishing boats and boats that are peoples home!

I noticed that the Portugese dabble in a bit of graffiti here and there :)

These two were awesome. We saw lots of street performers but me and David liked them the best. The man was essentially a pirate playing a bass made from a mop sticking out of a bucket (I wish I had asked him to sing the spongebob squarepants theme tune) and the woman was such a cute singer. Probably best compared to Phoebe from friends when she would sing with her guitar in Central Perk (smelly cat!)

This is David when we went ona boat trip :) Along the rocky coves and coastline and then we stopped to snorkel and look for crabs. The free sangria on board was yummy. I have a taste for sangria now!

Some days the waves were so calm, but then for a few the whitewater was crashing down on the beach and there was yellow flags (which means caution) The waves werent entirely surfable but I wish I'd had a board and wetsuit :( Mostly kite surfers were out because the wind was so strong.

Ha, it was so strong that we actually had to dig our umbrella into the sand some days for shelter!

Auw. Our one year anniversary. Im the luckiest girl ever ♥ We had a lovely meal, walked down to the harbour to catch the sunset and exchanged our cards and gifts in the morning when we woke up. He makes me laugh, and keeps me safe - I love this gorgeous boy to pieces and I wouldnt have things any other way. Adore you David :)

My freckles started to come out! Another thing about being on holiday I did enjoy is having an excuse to try a different cocktail every night. Yummm.

Haha, David loved the sand. And I got bloody irritated if I had just put cream on and sand blew all over me! Here is David after me burying him in the sand, and another one of when he dug a hole that he was awfy proud of :p We played bat and ball like every day at the beach too. But it is established that I suck majorly.

We went into another local town one day, Portimao. I took a picture of this building along one of the main streets because even though it was falling apart and closed off, it looked so interesting. Literally like it had stepped out of a 1950's horror movie. You could see inside where the roof was falling down, how creepy! Further into Portimao they had a huuuge shopping centre called Continente, with a supermarket at the bottom and a level of shops on the top. A few days before This we also went to a water park, I didnt take my camera for fear of loosing it. But we had such a funny day there too. It was really clean and safe! I probs coulda taken my camera and not had to worry about it. David said if I went head first down the Kamikaze (you can only imagine what this slide was like due to its name) then he would buy me the Hello Kitty clock I'd had my eye on back in alvor. Well, so I bloody well did it! Im such a scaredy cat though. What a giggle :)

Time to go home :( Our apartment was lovely, the food was yummy, the people were friendly, and the Algarve in all its scenic splendour did impress us both! My skin felt and looked so much better in the sun. I enjoyed experimenting with different eye make up each night, and in general I think we both just felt and looked healthier. But I suppose everyone does after a holiday, eh? I took enough clothes and money to last me, which I was glad of. I actually came back with 50 euros, but I just exchanged that back into pounds to put towards furniture for my new room at my grans which I am now fully settled into :) So its pretty safe to say I think that was the break that we both needed. And since its a family apartment, I know I'll be back there sooner rather than later! Being a skint student I dont think I would have gotten away on holiday otherwise, so Im grateful to my aunty for letting us stay there for nothing. Anyone else got any positive/negative summer experiences they can share? I've had my fair share of rubbish ones I'll tell you that. This one has definately been the best so far :)

Hi honey, I'm home!

Hello lovely bloggers! I can certainly say that my blog has been well and truly neglected for the past couple of weeks, as I've been on holiday in the Algarve with my boyfriend! My internet at home is currently broken (usual story) so I'm geeking it up in the library again. I've got lots of reading and catching up to do. And I plan on posting some super duper pics up from portugal (Once I've wafted through all 200 of them...oops) I also took my fisheye camera with me, and pretty much used up the whole film. So that will be a giggle to look at once its developed :) Got a list of things to do to keep me busy for the next two weeks till I go back to uni. So I shall be back soon with some funny holiday stories, pre 3rd year of uni jitters and just my usual blabbing I guess. Quite chuffed that I now have 22 followers, thats maybe not alot to many but for me its an achievement :) High five! Over and out... watch this space. x