What's it feel like to be a ghost?

I went to see Taking Back Sunday at the Abc with David last night and I had an awesome time :) The band were pretty good all round - a few songs were lacking energy a bit and Adam Lazzara started making up random harmonies and singing off tempo. Which aint necessarily a bad thing but it was just wierd! They have been gigging for so many years now, David thinks they will do one more tour then call it a day, cause they're all older guys now and being on the road for so long is a tiresome career. And impossible to do and live out of a tour bus if youre wanting to settle down and start a family! So who knows. Glad I got to see them though, was an enjoyable wee gig.

Anyhoo, the reason why I am writing a blog is because I am off work today feeling a bit pants and sorry for myself. My whole body is sore and tired. I just want to curl up under my covers in the dark :( But I thought I would make a pot of tea and post some pictures of what I've been upto the past couple of days.

A vanilla latte ALWAYS tastes much more epic when its made in a glass. Loves it! Honestly, simple things like that, and a long spoon and a wee bit of shortbread with my coffee make me so happy! Me, my mum, Tyler, and Tylers godmother Margaret Solis (she is an internationally well known and successful medium, and such an amazing woman) went to get Tyler her uniform for starting school next month and then we went to Cranachan in Princes Square for lunch. Its a restaurant that serves scottish food with a contemporary twist. Even its interior was lovely, nice purples and greys with scottish artwork and a deer antler chandelier and walls decorated by Glasgows famous Timorous Beasties design studio. I had a waffle with heather honey and wild raspberries, it was lovely! My sister is an extremely fussy eater at the moment so the waitress gave her a wee plate of shortbread and she was quite happy munching on that with a glass of orange juice :)

In the afternoon we went over to my mums best friend Adeles house in Dullater. She cooked us lovely salmon and spinach fishcakes for lunch with a big pot of prawns, peppers and onion. Then tea and cakes for after! I've certainly been spoiled food wise today :) Feel like I've been on Come Dine With Me or something haha. Anyways, this is Adele and her familys dog - Roxy! How cuuuute.

This is the view from her house. She has three levels and its such a cosy big house. Perched at the top of a hill with a beautiful garden and a pretty awesome view, I think you would agree. Made me think, when I have a family one day this is the kinda place I would like to live. Close enough to the city to be able to commute to work, but far away enough to enjoy gorgeous views and countryside like this.

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, my poppies were still up on the wall! The last sticker applique I got from ikea lasted one day and then fell down. So I took them back and got a refund, and then bought these nice poppies. They tie into my room quite well, because theyre up next to my Wizard of Oz poster and Dorothy and her team are pictured en route to the Emerald City going past all the poppy fields! :) I thought that was quite a nice wee match. And im super happy that these ones have actually bloody managed to stay up.

Aswell as getting my new nokia e71 this week (which took me ages to work out how to use it, but now I can so its fine) my punky pins stuff finally came! This is my haul :) pretty damn pleased! Actually got so much stuff for £25. 6 necklaces including a name one, a bracelet (which I gave to my mum because Im so very kind) hair clips, a ring, a pin badge, and a lovely tshirt! Cheesing :) so yeah that was well worth the money. Plus, I just love getting things through the post in general! Who doesn't!? One of the necklaces is a birthday present for a friend (not saying which one though obviouslyyy) but I'm super glad I got it with this stuff, its even nicer in real life than the pic on the website! Hope she likes it.

So I've had a pretty good week so far. Apart from feeling like ultimate plop today. I got the film Sliding Doors through on my love film, I'm going to make myself lunch and sit and watch it on my laptop in bed. David is away to Stirling today meeting people from a campaign called Keep Scotland Beautiful. He is going to be working with them over the next wee while and there is hopefully possibility of a job for him once he graduates so I hope it goes well for him :) He is such a talented person and I know he will do well in whatever job he ends up doing within the environmental sector. I've been having some issues with a couple of my friends at the moment, nothing bad or any drama, I just hate wee phases when people go all wierd :( or selfish. For no reason at all. So im just learing to go with the flow and sort out/talk out whatever problems come my way. But I'm fed up chasing the people who just dont make the same effort back. Im much stronger nowadays, so hopefully that will reflect on my happiness and how much better I am with dealing with things! On a happier note, Jenn is coming over later to have dinner and a blether, really can't wait, I've missed her recently and she always manages to cheer me up and make me giggle! Anyhoo. Thats my mega post over! Im away to potter about now. Wish the bbc would phone me! Meant to be doing a wee job this weekend for them through my mums director friend Drea, but they havent been in touch since. Hmm! Toodles :)


  1. I love Sliding Doors! <3

    Sorry you're not feeling so good. That sucks! xx

  2. Nice haul!!! Super cute stuff!! :)

    I need to try a vanilla latte in a glass that does indeed sound epic!


  3. All your pictures are lovely! Roxy the dog is soooo cute! :)