Things to look foward to

Isn't it such a nice feeling in your tummy when you have something to look forward to? This week I'm feeling happy inside about quite a few wee things. Today I went to Ikea with Jenn and got some nice new things for my house, like cushions and rugs and bathmats and floral stickers for my wall which are so pretty! I shall post a picture of them soon. And tomorow I will hopefully get my new nokia e71 in the post (can't wait... had my current phone for a year and a half and its at the end of its days!) I also ordered a suprise pack from my favourite jewellery website punky pins. They were doing a deal with the launch of a new range of jewellery and tshirts, that the first 200 customers to order would get over £100 worth of stuff for just £25! Including a tshirt and a personalised name necklace. SOOO I'm rather excited about getting that wee package through the post :) I think if that and my phone came tomorow I would be over the moon.

On wednesday I'm doing through to Dullater with my mum to her best friend Adeles house for lunch and a catch up. Adeles house has like 3 floors and is absolutely beautiful. And Adele is both my mum and dads mutual best friend, and her and her family are such lovely people! She is like a second mum to me. Well, like a third mum maybe. Davids mum is my second mum :) So im looking forward to that. She is 40 but still gorgeous and glamorous and I think if I looked and dressed the way her and my mum do when I'm that age then I'll be pretty pleased :) Then on wednesday night, me and David are going to see Taking Back Sunday at the ABC! Actually can't wait, I know it will be full of teeny boppers but I don't care. The music reminds me of my rock chick days, haha. So it should be a good gig and I was super pleased when david got me the tickets for my 20th birthday back in june.

Thursday and friday are my last two shifts in Monsoon, and us temps will be finding out if any of us are getting kept on as permenant members of staff :( Wish me luck! I've enjoyed working for them, and it pays well (and I would get an awesome discount on monsoon and accesorize stuff) so I do kinda hope I get kept on. Even though I'm such a lazy bum that resents working over summer! So on thursday night I think me and Jenn are going for a wee pub dinner in a local place in a village nearby, then friday night after work myself and the other monsoon temps are going for a wee drinky poo to kinda say goodbye to one another I guess! They've been lovely girls to work with too so will suck when we all need to go our separate ways.

But anyhoo, thats my update for now. Been selling more stuff on ebay to help make some money towards my holiday and my new summer wardrobe! Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the latest trend with myself recently ♥

"These hammers and strings
Been following me around
From a box filled garage
To the dark punk rock clubs
Of 1000 American towns
And my friend calls me up
She says, "how have you been?"
I say, "dear I've been well,
Yeah the money's coming
But I miss you like hell.
I still hear you in this
Old piano, oh yeah."
She says, "Ayden, I know
That we don't talk as much
But I still hear your ghost
In these old punk rock clubs
Come on, write me a song
Give me something to trust"

- Jacks Mannequin

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