Take That

What an epic end to my second year at uni! I went to see Take That with my best friend Jenn at Hampden Stadium a couple of weeks ago, and the Script were supporting which was rather awesome too :) We were quite close to the front of the stage but then moved further back as the night went on. I have adored the band since I was a wee lady and Robbie Williams was part of the five turned foursome. Was really good to finally get to see them in concert :) We danced about in the rain and sang along to all those classic take that songs that you listened to on top of the pops back in the 90's haha. Had such fun with my favourite girlie :)

The stage design was fantastic, a huge big top was stripped of its covering and lifted up on its back to form a huge circle around the screen at the back of the stage. The props and costumes were phenomenal also! They must have had a huge stage budget. From a mini hot air balloon to a giant performer operated elephant, it was indeed circus themed galore! Would love to work on something this scale one day. It wasn't too fussy a design, but still remained to unveil something new and interesting at the start or end of every song :) Pyrotechnics and fireworks ahoy, yippee!

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