A little quiz

1. What's your name? Ayden Millar. I think my mum had her heart set on my first name wether I popped out a boy or girl! So yeah it does cause confusion at times.

2. What's one item you cannot leave your house without? My mobile phone! Got a new nokia e71, its like the blackberrys new good looking cousin :)

3. What is one cosmetic that you find yourself buying over and over again? Mac blusher in 'dollymix' - its very doll like and very perfect!

4. What is one cosmetic that you always wear in your look? A nice pink blush, as above. My eyes always look much better with a bit of mascara too! I would recommend bad lashes by benefit.

5. How do you decide what you wear? clothes: I always start with some comfy girl y-fronts and a good fitting bra! And if youre wearing a top where your bra straps might be on show, always be sure to colour coordinate! Im a big fan of grey tights and black ankle length leggings, I tend to use either as a base for my outfit wether its a day or evening look. Grey tights (cotton ones, from dark charcoal to light stone grey) make it possible to wear cute tea dresses and boyfriend cardigans even in the winter when its a bit colder and you dont want to feel silly wearing a dress. Long black leggings are good for nights out, under dresses and skirts, because you're not exposing your full legs but still managing to look 'dressy' per se. I'll then build the rest of my outfit around that, and honestly just how im feeling that day. Its always nice to finish your outfit off with some hair accessories and I tend to stick to minimal jewellery! But having tattoos on my chest does mean I look a bit silly wearing necklaces unless the top Ive got on covers them and the necklace sits on top :( I dont wear heels often, so I have quite a few pointy toed flat shoes. They still make me feel dressy even though I'm not wearing glamourous stilletos or whatnot. And I always like to end my outfit with a cute blazer and over the shoulder bag (loving my leopard print pauls boutique bag, and my grey quilted chain strapped bag from topshop!) and thats about it really :)

makeup: I use a estee lauder foundation (double light wear) which really does last all day and doesnt shine or slide off your face. With a bit of translucent rimmel clear complexion powder over the top I create my day face, and with some new id marble bronzer brushed lighly over the t zone and cheek bones I create my going out face! I use two blushers by mac, mainly dollymix but also breezy. For daywear a bit of bad gal lashes mascara by benefit completes my look along with some mango lip butter from the body shop. But for night time I like to mix and match my urban decay colour palletes along with some black max factor khol eyeliner and mascara again. on days when I want to rock the sexy lipstick look, I simply adore rimmel 016 flirt and 006 pink blush! I think I've covered everything now? I love makeup but I like keeping my makeup bag to a managable size, so if I find a cosmetic I like then I'll hang onto it for dear life! But its good to experiment between different brands and price ranges.

6. What's one song you find yourself playing over and over again right now? Jack's Mannequin - La La Lie. They are playing the night before me and david leave for our holiday, sooo gutted I'm not able to go :( Give him a listen! If you love piano and soft melodic pop punk then he is definately for you.

7. What's one cosmetic item you've had your eye on but haven't bought? Bobbi Brown liquid pump foundation. Its a bit pricy but I'm tempted!

8. If you could only own one pair of shoes, what pair would it be? it would be my white slip on sandshoes from topshop. They have a kinda nautical feel to them, with wee navy stripes on the elastic. No matter how dirty they get, they always survive the washing machine and come out super clean :) AND they look good with dresses! Score.

9. Where do you buy most of your cosmetics? Boots! Because they have Urban decay, benefit, gosh, ruby and mille etc all under one roof :) its good to have a bit of variety! And plus they always have great deals on if you have an advantage cards. Its so easy to collect points and get rewards!

10. How do you find out about new products? Usually girls mags, and on all the girlies makeup blogs that I follow! So so useful :)

11. How do you decide what cosmetics you buy? Depending on how much money I have to spend at that moment in time! I'm good at keeping my makeup bag tidy and so I know when I'm about to run out of something.

12. How did you get into make up? I remember worrying when I was younger, about how was I going to know how to put makeup on when the time came :( But ye know, a girly sleepover at the age of 13 and experimenting with free lipglosses and eyeshadows from the likes of 'Mizz' magazine was probably the best and most fun way to get started!

13. What websites do you go to first when you open your browser? Ebay! Selling as much as buying :)

14. Tell me a fun fact about yourself :) I'm a snowboarder, surfer, and I used to motocross for years until school and exams in 5th year took over my weekends when I normally hit the tracks with my dad.

Well, this has been my first quiz and I don't even know if anyone will read it :( But if you do, please let me know what you think! I'm getting quite into blogging and I'd like to share hints and tips inspiring bits and bobs with all the other girls out there!


  1. I LOOOVE YOUR NAME! It's so unboring. My name is Amanda super boring super common :)

  2. credit to amanda (adubbskthx) for the quiz by the way! :) ps. amanda is a lovely name, its not boring at allll! x

  3. I love your name and I think it sounds cool as a girls name :)

    You sound so cool and interesting! lol. Great quiz!

    I loooove Double Wear. It's amazing! xx

  4. Ayden you got a very cute personalities :]