Fish n' Chips

Me and David took another wee trip to Largs the other day. T'was a beauuutiful day and we got a chippy and sat down at the water eating it. Ovb this first photo is slightly edited, but how much does it look like a post card cover or something :) We had a sea gull eyeing up our chips for a good half an hour, it was a total poser though! - clearly wanted its pic taken ;)

On the way back to the car we went in past Nardinis for some ice cream, it is the bees knees. Then on the way home we dropped in past Tesco at Kilbirnie for a wander, and Davids dressing up skills and our narration of the tinned fish aisle proved to provide some belly laughs. Summer is finally here! Can't wait to go on more adventures with this boy :) The screening of Choreomania was brill, I have a jammy wee summer job in Monsoon, and I'm generally feeling like a little happy flower right now ♥ My good friend Dominique is doing Camp America right now and I haven't been able to get in touch with her :( Dom, if yer reading this send me your address! Its her birthday on sunday and I was planning on sending some air mail. I had dinner in Jenns last night and we watched a few episodes of sex and the city... I am hooked! Its like a girls bible. Why the hell haven't I ever watched it before? Beats me :] over and out x

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  1. I have Doms address dear :) send me a wee email and i will reply with it :)

    its her birthday on sunday so you should write her a letter :) x