That I wish would hurry up this '09!

You got some Disney, some Burton, some Disney/Ghibli collaboration :O and of course a film version of a classic childrens book that is simply quite epic :) I'm a bit of a big kid tbh. And apparently all are due for release in 2009. Can't bloomin'wait! Harry Potter was a bit of a let down, not cinematography or art direction wise, but just the story in general and how it was portrayed on film :( Am I being too critical? Too much snogging and teenage hormones!? Haha oh how mean of me. Really though, just want some more inspiring stuff to hit the silver screen soon.


  1. I loved Harry Potter but then again I'm a great big HP geek!

    I love your blog name :) xx

  2. oh my gosh - i saw that wild things ad in the cinema, i thought it looked a little creepy! :S