The Citizens Theatre

Finally found some professional pictures on flickr from the two productions I worked on as a Scenic Artist at the Citizens Theatre for 5 weeks back at the start of the year (photos courtesy of Eamonn McGoldrick) The set looks brilliant for both shows, I'm still pretty chuffed :) Brings back memories of eating dominoes pizza and listening to 60's music full blast on the nightshift! Loves what I do!

'Museum of Dreams'

The Scotsman newspaper ****

"True love certainly conquers all, though, in TAG's new children's show Museum Of Dreams, presented in a gorgeous little hexagonal space specially created in the main rehearsal room of the Citizens' Theatre. A curtain opens, and an excited audience of around 20 children are welcomed by a middle-aged caretaker (Keith Macpherson) who shows off his five exhibits, displayed in glowing old-fashioned glass cases around the walls. There's a chair, a violin and banjo, a pair of tap shoes, an old-fashioned gramophone, and a mysterious box; and after the keeper nods off to sleep, a puppet girl in a yellow dress emerges from the box, and dreams and reality – puppet world and real world – begin to merge in ever more exciting and magical ways.

Somewhere at the heart of this lovely show, there's a metaphor about friends or lovers finding one another despite coming from very different worlds. But whatever you make of the slightly sentimental happy ending, Ailie Cohen and Guy Hollands's production is an absolutely enchanting magic toybox of a show, a child's dream come true; and it makes a brilliant curtain-raiser to next week's Imaginate children's festival in Edinburgh, where it plays at the Brunton as part of the usual thrilling international programme for audiences under 16."


The Guardian newspaper ****

"All of us are haunted by dead ideas and dead opinions," says the matriarchal Mrs Alving in Ibsen's drama about new ways of living and old skeletons in the closet. Ironically, 130 years down the line, it is the dead ideas of Ibsen that haunt today's stage. No modern playwright would be able to get away with an opening act in which Pastor Manders tells Alving not to take out insurance on her new orphanage, followed by a closing act in which the orphanage burns down. The mechanics are just too obvious.
And whereas in Ibsen's day, Manders was the voice of conventional but very real authority, today he is one step away from ridicule, his homilies about marital fidelity sparking derisory laughter. It's a great credit to Kevin McMonagle that he plays the part with such conviction, riding the laughs but never playing for them, revealing a character who, like all of us, is a product of his age; well-meaning but blind to the bigger picture.
Despite it all, what strikes us is Ibsen's modernity. This is especially clear in Jeremy Raison's streamlined production of the recent translation by Amelia Bullmore, performed without an interval on Jason Southgate's airy, bleached-wood set. Alving's belief that "propriety and law make all the misery in the world" still has a radical charge, while the free-thinking life of her artist son (an excellent Steven Robertson) retains its unconventional allure.
In the lead role, Maureen Beattie seems too big for the world she is born into, too big almost for the stage. Despite the pressures - faithless husband, illegitimate stepdaughter, syphilitic son - she remains unbroken, too proud to let us wallow in her tragedy, too intelligent to accept defeat, making her a very modern woman."

Hello Kitty

My Hello Kitty Pez! Bought for me by my 4 year old sister - how sweet. It's too cute, I dont' even wanna open it.

What's it feel like to be a ghost?

I went to see Taking Back Sunday at the Abc with David last night and I had an awesome time :) The band were pretty good all round - a few songs were lacking energy a bit and Adam Lazzara started making up random harmonies and singing off tempo. Which aint necessarily a bad thing but it was just wierd! They have been gigging for so many years now, David thinks they will do one more tour then call it a day, cause they're all older guys now and being on the road for so long is a tiresome career. And impossible to do and live out of a tour bus if youre wanting to settle down and start a family! So who knows. Glad I got to see them though, was an enjoyable wee gig.

Anyhoo, the reason why I am writing a blog is because I am off work today feeling a bit pants and sorry for myself. My whole body is sore and tired. I just want to curl up under my covers in the dark :( But I thought I would make a pot of tea and post some pictures of what I've been upto the past couple of days.

A vanilla latte ALWAYS tastes much more epic when its made in a glass. Loves it! Honestly, simple things like that, and a long spoon and a wee bit of shortbread with my coffee make me so happy! Me, my mum, Tyler, and Tylers godmother Margaret Solis (she is an internationally well known and successful medium, and such an amazing woman) went to get Tyler her uniform for starting school next month and then we went to Cranachan in Princes Square for lunch. Its a restaurant that serves scottish food with a contemporary twist. Even its interior was lovely, nice purples and greys with scottish artwork and a deer antler chandelier and walls decorated by Glasgows famous Timorous Beasties design studio. I had a waffle with heather honey and wild raspberries, it was lovely! My sister is an extremely fussy eater at the moment so the waitress gave her a wee plate of shortbread and she was quite happy munching on that with a glass of orange juice :)

In the afternoon we went over to my mums best friend Adeles house in Dullater. She cooked us lovely salmon and spinach fishcakes for lunch with a big pot of prawns, peppers and onion. Then tea and cakes for after! I've certainly been spoiled food wise today :) Feel like I've been on Come Dine With Me or something haha. Anyways, this is Adele and her familys dog - Roxy! How cuuuute.

This is the view from her house. She has three levels and its such a cosy big house. Perched at the top of a hill with a beautiful garden and a pretty awesome view, I think you would agree. Made me think, when I have a family one day this is the kinda place I would like to live. Close enough to the city to be able to commute to work, but far away enough to enjoy gorgeous views and countryside like this.

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, my poppies were still up on the wall! The last sticker applique I got from ikea lasted one day and then fell down. So I took them back and got a refund, and then bought these nice poppies. They tie into my room quite well, because theyre up next to my Wizard of Oz poster and Dorothy and her team are pictured en route to the Emerald City going past all the poppy fields! :) I thought that was quite a nice wee match. And im super happy that these ones have actually bloody managed to stay up.

Aswell as getting my new nokia e71 this week (which took me ages to work out how to use it, but now I can so its fine) my punky pins stuff finally came! This is my haul :) pretty damn pleased! Actually got so much stuff for £25. 6 necklaces including a name one, a bracelet (which I gave to my mum because Im so very kind) hair clips, a ring, a pin badge, and a lovely tshirt! Cheesing :) so yeah that was well worth the money. Plus, I just love getting things through the post in general! Who doesn't!? One of the necklaces is a birthday present for a friend (not saying which one though obviouslyyy) but I'm super glad I got it with this stuff, its even nicer in real life than the pic on the website! Hope she likes it.

So I've had a pretty good week so far. Apart from feeling like ultimate plop today. I got the film Sliding Doors through on my love film, I'm going to make myself lunch and sit and watch it on my laptop in bed. David is away to Stirling today meeting people from a campaign called Keep Scotland Beautiful. He is going to be working with them over the next wee while and there is hopefully possibility of a job for him once he graduates so I hope it goes well for him :) He is such a talented person and I know he will do well in whatever job he ends up doing within the environmental sector. I've been having some issues with a couple of my friends at the moment, nothing bad or any drama, I just hate wee phases when people go all wierd :( or selfish. For no reason at all. So im just learing to go with the flow and sort out/talk out whatever problems come my way. But I'm fed up chasing the people who just dont make the same effort back. Im much stronger nowadays, so hopefully that will reflect on my happiness and how much better I am with dealing with things! On a happier note, Jenn is coming over later to have dinner and a blether, really can't wait, I've missed her recently and she always manages to cheer me up and make me giggle! Anyhoo. Thats my mega post over! Im away to potter about now. Wish the bbc would phone me! Meant to be doing a wee job this weekend for them through my mums director friend Drea, but they havent been in touch since. Hmm! Toodles :)

A little quiz

1. What's your name? Ayden Millar. I think my mum had her heart set on my first name wether I popped out a boy or girl! So yeah it does cause confusion at times.

2. What's one item you cannot leave your house without? My mobile phone! Got a new nokia e71, its like the blackberrys new good looking cousin :)

3. What is one cosmetic that you find yourself buying over and over again? Mac blusher in 'dollymix' - its very doll like and very perfect!

4. What is one cosmetic that you always wear in your look? A nice pink blush, as above. My eyes always look much better with a bit of mascara too! I would recommend bad lashes by benefit.

5. How do you decide what you wear? clothes: I always start with some comfy girl y-fronts and a good fitting bra! And if youre wearing a top where your bra straps might be on show, always be sure to colour coordinate! Im a big fan of grey tights and black ankle length leggings, I tend to use either as a base for my outfit wether its a day or evening look. Grey tights (cotton ones, from dark charcoal to light stone grey) make it possible to wear cute tea dresses and boyfriend cardigans even in the winter when its a bit colder and you dont want to feel silly wearing a dress. Long black leggings are good for nights out, under dresses and skirts, because you're not exposing your full legs but still managing to look 'dressy' per se. I'll then build the rest of my outfit around that, and honestly just how im feeling that day. Its always nice to finish your outfit off with some hair accessories and I tend to stick to minimal jewellery! But having tattoos on my chest does mean I look a bit silly wearing necklaces unless the top Ive got on covers them and the necklace sits on top :( I dont wear heels often, so I have quite a few pointy toed flat shoes. They still make me feel dressy even though I'm not wearing glamourous stilletos or whatnot. And I always like to end my outfit with a cute blazer and over the shoulder bag (loving my leopard print pauls boutique bag, and my grey quilted chain strapped bag from topshop!) and thats about it really :)

makeup: I use a estee lauder foundation (double light wear) which really does last all day and doesnt shine or slide off your face. With a bit of translucent rimmel clear complexion powder over the top I create my day face, and with some new id marble bronzer brushed lighly over the t zone and cheek bones I create my going out face! I use two blushers by mac, mainly dollymix but also breezy. For daywear a bit of bad gal lashes mascara by benefit completes my look along with some mango lip butter from the body shop. But for night time I like to mix and match my urban decay colour palletes along with some black max factor khol eyeliner and mascara again. on days when I want to rock the sexy lipstick look, I simply adore rimmel 016 flirt and 006 pink blush! I think I've covered everything now? I love makeup but I like keeping my makeup bag to a managable size, so if I find a cosmetic I like then I'll hang onto it for dear life! But its good to experiment between different brands and price ranges.

6. What's one song you find yourself playing over and over again right now? Jack's Mannequin - La La Lie. They are playing the night before me and david leave for our holiday, sooo gutted I'm not able to go :( Give him a listen! If you love piano and soft melodic pop punk then he is definately for you.

7. What's one cosmetic item you've had your eye on but haven't bought? Bobbi Brown liquid pump foundation. Its a bit pricy but I'm tempted!

8. If you could only own one pair of shoes, what pair would it be? it would be my white slip on sandshoes from topshop. They have a kinda nautical feel to them, with wee navy stripes on the elastic. No matter how dirty they get, they always survive the washing machine and come out super clean :) AND they look good with dresses! Score.

9. Where do you buy most of your cosmetics? Boots! Because they have Urban decay, benefit, gosh, ruby and mille etc all under one roof :) its good to have a bit of variety! And plus they always have great deals on if you have an advantage cards. Its so easy to collect points and get rewards!

10. How do you find out about new products? Usually girls mags, and on all the girlies makeup blogs that I follow! So so useful :)

11. How do you decide what cosmetics you buy? Depending on how much money I have to spend at that moment in time! I'm good at keeping my makeup bag tidy and so I know when I'm about to run out of something.

12. How did you get into make up? I remember worrying when I was younger, about how was I going to know how to put makeup on when the time came :( But ye know, a girly sleepover at the age of 13 and experimenting with free lipglosses and eyeshadows from the likes of 'Mizz' magazine was probably the best and most fun way to get started!

13. What websites do you go to first when you open your browser? Ebay! Selling as much as buying :)

14. Tell me a fun fact about yourself :) I'm a snowboarder, surfer, and I used to motocross for years until school and exams in 5th year took over my weekends when I normally hit the tracks with my dad.

Well, this has been my first quiz and I don't even know if anyone will read it :( But if you do, please let me know what you think! I'm getting quite into blogging and I'd like to share hints and tips inspiring bits and bobs with all the other girls out there!


That I wish would hurry up this '09!

You got some Disney, some Burton, some Disney/Ghibli collaboration :O and of course a film version of a classic childrens book that is simply quite epic :) I'm a bit of a big kid tbh. And apparently all are due for release in 2009. Can't bloomin'wait! Harry Potter was a bit of a let down, not cinematography or art direction wise, but just the story in general and how it was portrayed on film :( Am I being too critical? Too much snogging and teenage hormones!? Haha oh how mean of me. Really though, just want some more inspiring stuff to hit the silver screen soon.

Things to look foward to

Isn't it such a nice feeling in your tummy when you have something to look forward to? This week I'm feeling happy inside about quite a few wee things. Today I went to Ikea with Jenn and got some nice new things for my house, like cushions and rugs and bathmats and floral stickers for my wall which are so pretty! I shall post a picture of them soon. And tomorow I will hopefully get my new nokia e71 in the post (can't wait... had my current phone for a year and a half and its at the end of its days!) I also ordered a suprise pack from my favourite jewellery website punky pins. They were doing a deal with the launch of a new range of jewellery and tshirts, that the first 200 customers to order would get over £100 worth of stuff for just £25! Including a tshirt and a personalised name necklace. SOOO I'm rather excited about getting that wee package through the post :) I think if that and my phone came tomorow I would be over the moon.

On wednesday I'm doing through to Dullater with my mum to her best friend Adeles house for lunch and a catch up. Adeles house has like 3 floors and is absolutely beautiful. And Adele is both my mum and dads mutual best friend, and her and her family are such lovely people! She is like a second mum to me. Well, like a third mum maybe. Davids mum is my second mum :) So im looking forward to that. She is 40 but still gorgeous and glamorous and I think if I looked and dressed the way her and my mum do when I'm that age then I'll be pretty pleased :) Then on wednesday night, me and David are going to see Taking Back Sunday at the ABC! Actually can't wait, I know it will be full of teeny boppers but I don't care. The music reminds me of my rock chick days, haha. So it should be a good gig and I was super pleased when david got me the tickets for my 20th birthday back in june.

Thursday and friday are my last two shifts in Monsoon, and us temps will be finding out if any of us are getting kept on as permenant members of staff :( Wish me luck! I've enjoyed working for them, and it pays well (and I would get an awesome discount on monsoon and accesorize stuff) so I do kinda hope I get kept on. Even though I'm such a lazy bum that resents working over summer! So on thursday night I think me and Jenn are going for a wee pub dinner in a local place in a village nearby, then friday night after work myself and the other monsoon temps are going for a wee drinky poo to kinda say goodbye to one another I guess! They've been lovely girls to work with too so will suck when we all need to go our separate ways.

But anyhoo, thats my update for now. Been selling more stuff on ebay to help make some money towards my holiday and my new summer wardrobe! Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the latest trend with myself recently ♥

"These hammers and strings
Been following me around
From a box filled garage
To the dark punk rock clubs
Of 1000 American towns
And my friend calls me up
She says, "how have you been?"
I say, "dear I've been well,
Yeah the money's coming
But I miss you like hell.
I still hear you in this
Old piano, oh yeah."
She says, "Ayden, I know
That we don't talk as much
But I still hear your ghost
In these old punk rock clubs
Come on, write me a song
Give me something to trust"

- Jacks Mannequin


Ye know its photos like this that made me want a fuzzy little friend even more :) I would share my tea and biscuits with this little critter any day. I'm going to start thinking of good guinea pig names for when me and david move out after graduating. Talking about graduating... I've only got one year left at uni! How scary :( The time has really flew in. And I'll only be 21 when the time comes for me to take that step into the big bad scary world and find a proper job. Cannae wait! Hopefully this years panto and my scenic art awesomeness and leadership will be just spiffing :)


Wow, how stunning is this picture! Ever wondered what a bubble looks like mid burst? Now you've seen it :] Found it via He is Katy Perry's best friend - who thinks he is equally as famous as her for the pure one and only reason of being her BBF! But his blog is a good giggle to read, he is a true super bitch ;) But sometimes there are lovely things like this to be found amongst the celeb gossip and whatnot. Loves it.

Fish n' Chips

Me and David took another wee trip to Largs the other day. T'was a beauuutiful day and we got a chippy and sat down at the water eating it. Ovb this first photo is slightly edited, but how much does it look like a post card cover or something :) We had a sea gull eyeing up our chips for a good half an hour, it was a total poser though! - clearly wanted its pic taken ;)

On the way back to the car we went in past Nardinis for some ice cream, it is the bees knees. Then on the way home we dropped in past Tesco at Kilbirnie for a wander, and Davids dressing up skills and our narration of the tinned fish aisle proved to provide some belly laughs. Summer is finally here! Can't wait to go on more adventures with this boy :) The screening of Choreomania was brill, I have a jammy wee summer job in Monsoon, and I'm generally feeling like a little happy flower right now ♥ My good friend Dominique is doing Camp America right now and I haven't been able to get in touch with her :( Dom, if yer reading this send me your address! Its her birthday on sunday and I was planning on sending some air mail. I had dinner in Jenns last night and we watched a few episodes of sex and the city... I am hooked! Its like a girls bible. Why the hell haven't I ever watched it before? Beats me :] over and out x

Take That

What an epic end to my second year at uni! I went to see Take That with my best friend Jenn at Hampden Stadium a couple of weeks ago, and the Script were supporting which was rather awesome too :) We were quite close to the front of the stage but then moved further back as the night went on. I have adored the band since I was a wee lady and Robbie Williams was part of the five turned foursome. Was really good to finally get to see them in concert :) We danced about in the rain and sang along to all those classic take that songs that you listened to on top of the pops back in the 90's haha. Had such fun with my favourite girlie :)

The stage design was fantastic, a huge big top was stripped of its covering and lifted up on its back to form a huge circle around the screen at the back of the stage. The props and costumes were phenomenal also! They must have had a huge stage budget. From a mini hot air balloon to a giant performer operated elephant, it was indeed circus themed galore! Would love to work on something this scale one day. It wasn't too fussy a design, but still remained to unveil something new and interesting at the start or end of every song :) Pyrotechnics and fireworks ahoy, yippee!