Alice in Wonderland

My my my :) A little birdy has told me that Tim Burtons adaption of Alice in Wonderland is coming to our cinema screens in march of next year! Today pictures were released of the cast, including Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen
, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and Matt Lucas as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. But my ultimate favourite has to be Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter - How awesome! I think this film is mostly 3D animation and lots of wierd concept art. So many people are slating it already :( the whole theme, choice of cast, and generally how its going to be too wierd an interpretation. But I actually can't wait to see this piece of visual genius!

Hello, I'm in Delaware

What a lovely song. And what a lovely singing voice Dallas Green has! Could send me to sleep. And funnily enough thats what its about to do :) Thought I would just give my blog a wee update before bed. Im muchly looking forward to this weekend. Let me fill you in! Even though no one reads my blog?! Anyways, tonight I went to the cinema with david to see the new transformers movie, it was awesome. Optimus Prime is such a legend. Really no need for the rear view of Megan Fox's (yes, toned and tanned as you may expect) denim shorted booty in the opening scenes! I mean c'mon! She is gorgeous though. Bitch ;) And she has some rather interesting tattoos as I have discovered in my girly mags recently.

Then I spoke to my gran on the phone on the way to the train station, and our beloved family cat Baloo got put down today. So so gutted. He was indeed a fully fledged member of the McDougall clan, and is as old as me! Which is pretty old for a cat. I got a wee bitty upset in the street once I came off the phone. Luckily david was there to give me a cuddle. It wasnt a shock I suppose... we knew he was on his last legs but I just felt a bit rubbish that I never got to say goodbye properly :( Maybe him and davids old family dog Tilly will hang out and share a water bowl in animal heaven.

But on a lighter note, its new life on the other hand, and tomorow I am going to the christening of my new baby 2nd cousin Reece at a church in Thornliebank. Havent seen that side of my grans family in years, so it should be lovely. Then in the evening I am having a super night in with my boy! Pj's and takeaway and cheesy saturday night tv at his house :) Bloody loves it! We always have such a good chat and lots of giggles. Its pretty awesome having a boyfriend who is also your best friend too <3

Then on sunday, its fathers day and Im treating my dad and gran liz to lunch at a lovely little place called Cafe Gandolfi, which is down the Merchant City in Glasgow, and is also where me and david went for his 21st birthday. Its yummy! After that, I'm off to see Take That with Jenn at Hampden, and The Script are supporting so it should be a rather good gig. As a 10 year old legging wearing, 90's loving girl, I simply adored Take That. Ten years later and Im finally getting to see them play in concert, how exciting :)

Then its back to reality and uni on monday. Were currently doing a lot of tidying up and organising for coming back after summer. I feel in a really good place right now with where I am and what I'm doing, so gonna take it day by day and hope that motivation and inspiration continues. We shall see once I get my module feedback before we break for summer! I've put an order in for £200 worth of new stuff for teaching materials, since no one else was bothering their bottoms to take charge and do something about it. Gonna hopefully try fight for some more money after summer to get us new brushes etc - the teaching budget is there for a reason, and if we don't ask then we don't get! So I'm gonna ask ask ask :) because its important we have nice materials to do classes and personal projects with. Hells yeah. I've got the oppertunity of a few filmy/art dept related projects over summer... but along with that I wanna decorate the house and repaint all my grans garden gnomes for her. Aswell as my Monsoon interview on monday night (who knows what will come of that!) and wanting to get my facepainting back on track too... if it all happens at once then im gonna have to wear a cape and fly! Hopefully it wont though :) Il prioritise as summer rolls in... got my holidays with the boy to look forward to, and maybe some wee road/camping trips inbetween times.

So plenty enough to keep me busy. Life is peachy!

All healed

However right now, everything is not Irie. Some people in the academy really have to bloody get a grip and think before they speak. Just as I was settling back into scenic, a certain someone has ruffled my feathers, spoke to me like shit, and generally just patronised the hell out of me. Raging. Do I have a fair argument though? I would like to think so. Peoples rudeness is just unnecessary.

But on another note. How beautiful is my wee tat :) loves it.

Its times like these

At the windfarms. They're huuuge!

Dr Who Exhibition, Kelvingrove.

Edinburgh on a lovely day. We went to dynamic earth, sunbathed under king arthurs seat and ate ice cream on the royal mile :)

I am a one way motorway
I�m the one that drives away
Then follows you back home
I am a street light shining
I�m a wild light blinding bright
Burning off alone
I am a new day rising
I�m a brand new sky
To hang the stars upon tonight

It�s times like these you learn to live again ♥


You know what. I'm not even gonna begin to explain in detail what this short film is about. Its a good belly laugh anyways - put it that way! Me and Ash were brought in on the final dftv grad film CHOREOMANIA! Art department kicked ass as always - with only 5 days to get our stuff together, and we did it waaaay under budget. Had to step in as extras a couple of times, bit of a cringe but it was all for a good cause. I'm finally getting the hang of this whole art department malarkey. Here is some pics from the week of the shoot. Working hard as always :)

All GFX courtesy of Dominique McKay! And the 1st and last 2 pictures credit to Ashleigh Blair. Basically, choreomaniacs are sorta 28 days later style zombies, minus the flesh eating but add on some contagious dancing. Everything is very dull and in grayscale up until the last few minutes of the film, where the main character Hector finally gets infected and begins to see the world like his fellow choreomaniacs do. Colourfully :) Actually can't wait to see it at the screening. S'gonna be a good yin folks.

Out in the big bad world...

'The Citz' - An affectionate name given by locals to the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow.

Thats where I spent 5 weeks on work placement as a scenic artist on 'Ghosts' and 'Museum Of Dreams' Three photographs to sum up the fruit of all our efforts, here ya go!

Ghosts was designed by Jason Southgate, and got 4 stars in The Guardian Newspaper. Museum of Dreams was designed my Frances Gallop and got 5 stars in The Herald. Described as a "gorgeously ornate wee room" Makes me smile, I made that! :)

Best thing I've ever done for my career (or what's to come of it) was going and working at that place. Even through the long days and last 2 weeks of nightshifts, I really feel like I have shed a skin - old bad habits and negativity alike. Wonder how long my refreshened mood will survive in the academy! Time will tell.