She's electric

And she's just had the most special little weekend away with her boy. We stayed HERE

We also went to the zoo, and it was awesome! I really hope to have more hands on experiences with animals, I felt like a wee child again, it was really excitable. Maybe go help some orangutans be released back into their natural habitat one day? I love seeing other places, other cities, and having a fresh burst of culture, especially with my favourite person by my side. Could stay in a little bubble far away from home for a long time...

Anyways. Back to uni tomorow. Ive started writing for the Girlz Night online magazine, so some of my more sensible and sophisticated posts will be found there instead of here! :)
"We may never understand this world and we may not ever receive the answers to our questions, but the beauty of living is realizing every day holds surprises"
- Andres

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