The lovely adventures of Princess Peach and Rupert Bear

Ice cream and floats down ashton lane :) We walked to the transport museum and saw all the awesome old cars, trams and bikes! We went through kelvingrove park on the way home and laughed at the pooping dog, the continuous dog poo smell (pattern arising here?) the funny little ducks and the almost domesticated squirrells!

Can we go to millport, pleeeease? Haw boat heed, yoor gettin' it! We took a trip to largs, and had a fish tea and ice cream at nardinis, walked along the beach, gambled some 10p's in the arcade and went in and out all the wee charity shops looking at the ancient videos and potential retro matching outfits we could wear one day ;)

It was bloody freezing, even though the skies were blue and the sun was out. In this picture you cant really tell, but I can't say that I like the 'windswept and interesting' looking hairdoo anyways! I loves this boy so much. He makes my dimples come out to say hello! :) big smiles. All our little advenures, tbc....

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