The A-Team

Thats right, for my 4 week elective within the digital film and television course, apart from our classes and tutorials, Ive opted to give Art department a bash! Other folks are doing editing, directing, camera crew etc, but I really want to make the most out of this month and get into the nitty gritty of art directing, and how that whole department is organised. Here are some photos from our one day shoot with the second year actors, and their dingy poker room scene. Also, pics from our one day shoot with the third year actors on location. There wasnt as much art department stuff needed for that, just costume approval and add ons and a few props. We are working with a lovely director lady called Morag, shes pretty awesome and a good laugh, and is a director for taggart and other scottish tv shows and the likes.

(ha, what a sad shot of me. I just wanted a go of the clapper board)

For the location shoot, we had an actor dog from Creature Features called Jess :) he was so well trained and lovely. Had some random old chinese guy wandering around on his phone next to us for THREE HOURS with his friend. Standing next to us and peering over the screen. And talking really loudly and walking into shots. Sometimes I would like to hold a big sign saying FUCK OFF! I think I would get rather use of it around the academy too :)

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