and uninspired :( thats how I feel right now. I am super organised and definately on top of everything and on the ball. So I dont have a clue why Im feeling like a deflated balloon by the time I get home from uni at night. Went to the screening of Floating is Easy on saturday at the GFT, a short film I worked on during the summer, and sitting there in the comfy seats in the darkness for 15 minutes watching the end product of all our hard work was a truly rewarding and refreshing experience :) in compharison to the sham that was "MEAT", where our million and one efforts didnt even make it to film because the silly people didnt check the rushes at night and everything was lost :( soul destroying so it is. Especially when our time and effort wasnt appreciated or honestly aknowledged in the first place.

Throw some more special, heart warming, brain ticking and soul exciting stuff this way fate, please?!

'Give me the green light, I'm ready to go right now'

Two minds

Still completely and utterly undecided about wether to use this blog for personal writing or uni stuff. Or maybe a mixture of both? I know its important to be able to come home and switch your brain off after a day at uni, but sometimes I feel like due to the nature of my course that that is completely impossible! There is always little things creeping into my mind about the days work that has just been finished or what lies ahead next. Quitting my part time job is only going to give me an extra 8 hours a week in extra time, but I feel that this time no matter how little will benefit me in some way or another :) maybe to spend more time getting all sorts of things off my chest on my blog (as I am doing right now!) Which means come a saturday night when Im lying in bed watching the x factor with my boyfriend I actually CAN switch off? And focus on how horrible that teeny boppers overly glamorous evening dress is or how I think they just hit a new freakish note on the musical scale. Classy.

Either way, I will find a use for this little blog of horrors somewhere along the line. Stuff that I need to talk about thats TOO personal and casually opinionated for my journal, TOO flappish of me to even discuss with someone in person and still remain to be classed as 'sane in the membrane', and stuff that I normally just write in note form in my geeky wee book of lists and never bother to expand on, and I just let the thoughts fester away in my brain. Fester be gone! I have one brain and one mind to match it. Not two. I want it to be full of good thoughts and good karma and for all that goodness to be sucked out of the shite and recycled and learned from :) alas here, my rants can have a little place to call their own :)

thats all for now, away to see high school musical at the cinema with jenn, some easy going easy watching film is rather welcomed right now!

over and out xx